PA Archaeological Site Survey Is Topic at NCC8 Event

Archaeologist Hannah Harvey, right, conducts an initial site survey at the Elk Tannery in Jamison City, PA, owned by Dr. Monte Kapec and his family. The historically significant property is used to support veterans' programs and help vets experience recreation and fellowship in a peaceful setting.

Do you know what to do when you find an arrowhead in the cornfield? What should you do if you find relics of ancient people when you're exploring in the woods? Who owns the past and how can you help protect it?

This, plus many more questions about archaeology and how prehistoric artifacts (and historic ones, too!) should be recorded and protected, will be the topic of an upcoming presentation at the upcoming meeting of Northcentral Chapter 8, Society for PA Archaeology.

Hannah Harvey, an archaeologist with the Pennsylvania State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO), will speak about the Pennsylvania Archaeological Site Survey at 7 p.m. Monday, Nov. 4 at the Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society, 858 W. Fourth St.

The SHPO program maintains Pennsylvania’s official inventory of over 25,000 recorded archaeological sites, and staff archaeologists continue to work with individuals and organizations to add to and improve our understanding of Pennsylvania archaeology through site recording.

Harvey's talk will include a brief history of site recording efforts starting in the late 1800s, a discussion of why it is important to record site locations and artifact collections, and tips & tricks for documenting sites and accessing site information.  Harvey is a member of the SPA’s Site Survey committee and will be looking for NCC8's and the community's ideas on planning survey projects. Harvey is the Cultural Resources GIS Specialist / Archaeological Outreach Coordinator for the state.

NCC8 is the Lycoming County chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc., which promotes the study of the prehistoric and historic archaeological resources of Pennsylvania and neighboring states.

NCC8, a 501(C) educational nonprofit organization, relies upon donations. Without the community’s generosity, the group could not pay for the Insurance needed to host digs. NCC8 needs donations to purchase supplies, such as trowels, shovels, tarps, and artifact preservation bags. Please donate today and help preserve and protect Lycoming County's cultural heritage.

Learn more about the group, join or make a donation online at

In the Lab: Help Needed to Wrap-up Glunk Site Artifacts

NCC8 has officially closed the Glunk Site (36LY0345) and backfilled the open excavation units. Of course, it was time to wind the dig down, but the fact that the units contained about three feet of water contributed to that decision.

NCC8 members volunteer to process Glunk Site artifacts
The result is hundreds and hundreds of bagged artifacts from 29 excavation units. Luckily, we've had an intern helping us with the washing and cataloging but we need more assistance.

Some members have been joining intern Ben Conrad at Hands-on Heritage's headquarters in South Williamsport, learning how to identify artifacts from the stone and general debris that were bagged during the screening process.

They're also learning how to update the database, using a shared Google Spreadsheet to input information about the artifacts, and assigning accession numbers to special finds and groups of artifacts.

Donations are desperately needed to continue the processing of the Glunk Site artifacts, and members and the general public are asked to send any amount to NCC8. The more funds we can generate, the quicker we can complete the cataloging and the writing of a final report.

Please consider donating to the project. Use a link below to choose an amount, or and simply add the amount you wish to the final link:

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Thank you!

Annual Archaeology, Indian Artifact Fair

If you enjoy learning about prehistoric cultures in Lycoming County, the time to share your collected curiosities is at the Third Annual NCC8 Indian Artifact Fair.
Northcentral Chapter 8, Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology will host the educational open house from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. March 30, 2019, at the Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society, 858 W. Fourth St.
The event is directed by Tom “Tank” Baird, vice president of NCC8 and an iHeartRadio contributor, who will bring his personal collection to share, and help identify artifacts and speak about local prehistory.