Rare Native American Human Face Effigy

The human effigy was made by the Clemson’s Island People, a Native American culture living in the Susquehanna River valley area approximately 1,000 years ago.

This artifact was found at the first registered archaeological excavation in Lycoming County, designated 36LY1 in 1957, by North Central Chapter 8 of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology.

It was excavated near the Brock Village Site near Muncy, PA. This village was associated with the Brock Burial Mound, however, the effigy was not found within the confines of that mound.

Notice the eyes, made from freshwater pearls and expertly set in the clay effigy. The features on the face are etched and carved beautifully and holes were drilled in the perimeter of the skull to accommodate feathers. Archaeologists know this because feather residue was found in those holes.

Originally bound for this museum, it disappeared into private collections and although drawings and pictures have appeared in artifact and archaeological publications since 1957, the effigy was never on public display until now.