NCC8 Needs Your Support

Northcentral Chapter 8, a 501(C)3,  is the Lycoming County chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, Inc., and we seek donations from your organization to continue our mission to promote, preserve and to protect Lycoming County's archaeological heritage.

We have a long and illustrious history in the region, and have contributed greatly to the understanding of the area's prehistory and history. In fact, NCC8 is responsible for Canfield Island being listed on the National Register of Historic Places, in recognition of the amount of information it had yielded and because of its potential to yield even more information. The site is today part of Riverfront Park, a Loyalsock Township park that includes an archaeology-themed trail on the island.  Since 2003, local Native Americans have held an annual pow-wow on the island.

As a Chapter of the Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology, NCC8 works to:
• Promote the study of the prehistoric and historic archaeological resources of Pennsylvania and neighboring states;
• Encourage scientific research and discourage exploration which is unscientific or irresponsible in intent or practice;
• Promote the conservation of archaeological sites, artifacts, and information;
• Encourage the establishment and maintenance of sources of archaeological information such as museums, societies, and educational programs;
• Promote the dissemination of archaeological knowledge by means of publications and forums;
• Foster the exchange of information between the professional and the avocational archaeologists.

The chapter’s first meeting was held Aug. 12, 1955, at the James V. Brown Library in Williamsport. Since that time, NCC8 members have introduced archeology to generations, instilling the love of heritage and history.

NCC8 an Official Non-Profit

Lycoming College for Kids at the Glunk Site.
Pat us on the back. Northcentral Chapter 8, Society for Pennsylvania Archaeology is officially a non-profit.
Let the donations roll in.
Seriously, reach into your pockets and pull out cash and checks (or a credit card -- we have a PayPal donation button on the site) and contribute to the most active archaeology chapter in the region.
Northcentral Chapter 8 has existed since the late 1950s, but we haven't been an official non-profit until now. With our 501 (C) status, we can apply for grants, accept donations and provide legal receipts for your generous support.
There are a lot of hidden costs that we incur as we strive to conserve and preserve the region's archaeological heritage, including an expensive insurance liability policy, without which we could not host our public archaeology dig.
We partner with Lycoming College and Lycoming College for Kids & Teens, as well as Muncy Historical Society and Lycoming County Historical Society, and that provides us with some equipment, but we need more.
Last year, hundreds of visitors came to the ongoing archaeology dig at the Glunk Site, as well as dozens of college students, each with an interest in local prehistory. NCC8 also gives presentations and hosts group tours and Scouts at the site.
Although labor is free (thank you, Volunteers!), the supplies for these activities wear out. We're in dire need of equipment and funds to excavate, interpret and preserve the artifacts that add to our cultural heritage.
Won't you help us today?
Become a member, even if you don't plan to dig. Your membership fee helps us teach others how to dig.
Give generously. Send a check, drop by and put cash in our hands, or use the PayPal donation button at right to support us.
We thank you for your generosity.